Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last Thursday we were in the Dallas Fort Worth airport eating lunch. I was enjoying by BBQ sandwich so much I didn't notice that Morgan, our six year old son, was staring at a man.

Out of the blue, this man, a soldier comes up to us. He noticed that our son had taken an interest in him. I was in such shock I don't remember what he said but, he took a patch off the shoulder of his shirt and handed it to Morgan. Hudson was about to start his protest - 'where's mine?' When he just stopped. Not sure if it was the look Chad and I shot him or if he just understood that this was a little bigger than that.

I don't remember his name, I know he told us. I do remember that he was on his way home from Iraq to his family in California. And that he would be there for two weeks before going back to Iraq.

I'll never forget that man and the patch he gave to Morgan will be kept with our most important things.

What's so special about all of this - Service. This man, a perfect stranger, is away from his family, putting his life on the line, so we can be safe. As if that's not enough, he comes up to my little son and gives him something, right off his back.

I know it's not all cut and dry but, I was so humbled by this man. How could I match this man in giving? How could I compare in kindness? Every time I see that patch, I will always remember what service means and how all of us should work to do more.

I wish I knew who this man was, I'd like to thank him - For his example to our family and kindness to our son, Morgan.

If your curious about what the patch was, it was a 3rd Infantry Division ACU Patch ->


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