Friday, June 19, 2009

You just never know - do ya?

I've been on vacation this week, just around the house with kids.

So, I was at swimming lessons today, I usually sit and watch Jayden's preschool class. There's been this one kid, he's 4, Jaden... (Not my Jayden, but a different kid, same name...). Okay well, he's a lot of fun, really lively but, boy when he's being naughty well, he derails the class a bit. Today the kids were going in the Big Pool - Jaden must have had a bad experience with all of this because he was refusing to go and letting everyone know about it. He's a sweet kid and was cheerful and good natured in his refusal. He was also stead fast...

I couldn't help but get just a little annoyed. I mean, there he was getting all this attention for his refusal where the kids (including my Jayden) going along with all of this were getting short changed. I kept reminding myself that it's just preschool swimming and not to take it too seriously.

Well while all this was going on I was talking to Jaden's grandmother. Turns out Jaden lost his 2 year old half brother in a drunk driving accident over Memorial Day weekend. Jaden hasn't been sleeping since losing his brother, Carter.

Yep - I'm not one bit annoyed now. Not one bit... This little guy has to deal with his kid brother dying... God. Now, I see Jaden differently - I see how his strong spirit is such an asset to him now. Annoying as it maybe, on the surface. Look underneath and I see he's been given a necessary tool to help him cope.

Point taken - you just never know, do you. It's just never safe to judge people becuase you just never know why they are the way they are... Sometimes what we see as negative's are really blessings... So often what we think we know is so wrong...


Oh and Jaden got in the big pool after some coaxing. As for all the other kids, they had a great time too! None of the kids were annoyed by Jaden, his strong personality doesn't seem to bother them a bit.

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Heather Jerdee said...

Oh wow, man does that make your heart ache. Pretty cool that you saw all this Heidi and shared :)